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Roll Out the Barrel

Special thanks to NSW Left member Janet Ryan for allowing us to publish her poetry.

It seems it’s time to roll out the barrel

The one that is filled with pork

Its not only Bridget Mckenzie

And her famous adventures with sport

It now involves Minister Dutton

Who with absolute absence of shame

Switched lots of funding for safety

To seats with a Liberal claim

To add to their mortification

The State has compounded the rort

By directing the bushfire spending

And shredding before being caught

“We won’t use the taxpayers money”

Says Scomo, with his sleazy smirk

“To keep workers in employment

But will for our own dodgy lurk”.

If we don’t understand how they do it

And are looking for someone to blame

I notice that John Barilero

Has barrel as part of his name

Janet Ryan 15.02.21


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